In January 2016, I set out to collect the stories of 100 tech employees in Silicon Valley.

I focused on the whose stories are not typically heard: those of women, people of color, LGBT, over 50, disabled, and so on.

I photographed and interviewed 100 participants about where they came from, the obstacles they overcame to get here, the hardships they continue to face in the industry day to day, and why they choose to stay.

I had three main goals: 1) I want to show the world a more comprehensive picture of people who work in tech. 2) I wanted to show that tech is not a meritocracy. 3) I wanted underrepresented people in Silicon Valley to know they’re not alone in the industry.

Since its launch, The Techies Project has been profiled on ABC, CNN, Newsweek, Fortune, Fast Company, The Guardian, Elle and more.